Monday, 21 February 2011

Inguma keeps moving...

First of all we would like to thank you the great welcome you have given to the new release; we will do our best to keep improving the project.

Since the 0.2 release many improvements have been done to Inguma and we will try to show you some of them on this post.
  • Today we release a new project site and leave Google Code. The dev team has discussed a lot and finally decided to use our previous development site as the main one. You can find it at:

or, for the lazy ones (including ourselves), the shorter:

  • Lots of bugs have been fixed since 0.2 release and now Inguma should be fairly more stable, mainly the GUI.
  • As the GUI released at 0.2 had (and still has) many bugs and crashes quite frequently, we added a new Autosave feature. It will save automatically the KB after every module run and try to recover it at every application start. Unless you manually save the KB or reject to load at start it will be available to recover your work.
  • We have added autofill on targetDialog so you don't have to manually fill the module target, it will be filled automatically with the IP address of the node.
  • Added tooltips to confusing parameters of the gather dialog with a little description of the available options.
  • Added picture support on graphs. Actually it shows OS icon when possible or a generic icon when OS is uknown.
  • Right click on web vuln (OSVDB) at Vulns per port graph opens vulnerability info on browser.
  • Added more dependency checks (graphviz, Impacket, PySNMP) to help identify and manage start up problems.
GTK UI dependencies... OK
WARNING: No route found for IPv6 destination :: (no default route?)
Scapy... OK
Network connectivity... OK
GtkSourceView2... OK
VTE Terminal... OK
Impacket library... OK
PySNMP library... OK
Graphviz binaries... OK
  • Improved performance of TCP, UCP and ICMP ping modules and "portscan" module (SYN and ACK). So now add target dialog has improved a lot the speed by using "portscan" instead of "tcpscan" and is more complete by using "identify" on opened ports.
  • Half of the users told us that they wanted module output on new dialogs and the other half prefered to have it on the "Logs" tab at the bottom. So finally we changed module output behavior using SHOW_MODULE_WIN at If set to true it will popup module ouput on a new dialog but if set to False it will drop it to the Logs Tab.

For more information do not hesitate to contact the team using any of the options listed on this wiki page.