Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bokken 1.0 has landed

Today we are releasing a new tool of the Inguma project: Bokken.

In Inguma 0.3, an early version of Bokken was included as the RCE tool of the project.

Now we are giving it as a standalone tool.

Bokken is a GUI for the Pyew tool, a *iew like tool for malware analysis, so with Bokken you can do almost the same as with Pyew but with a nice GUI :-). Actually Bokken can parse and help in the analysis of PE/Elf, PDF and websites; any other file can be also opened and studied but Bokken won't analyze it.

To get a full description of the project features, installation instructions or just get the code go to the project site.

Enjoy the new tool and don't forget to send us the bugs you find, feature requests or any other feedback that you consider can help improve the project.