Friday, 21 August 2015

Windows installer!

This is a small blog post for a big announcement, at least if you are a Windows user! We know that installing Bokken is not the easiest task, mainly if you use the Microsoft's platform; but that has just changed with the arrival of the new Bokken Windows installer!

Thanks to the excellent job of HardcoreHacker now installing Bokken in Windows is this easy: just download the new installer and it will take care of everything:

The installer will also take care of Bokken's dependencies and will ask you to install Python and PyGtk in case it's needed. And that's all, folks, Bokken successfully installed!

Just a few clicks and Bokken's icon will be on your desktop waiting for you to launch it!

The installer has been tested in the following Windows versions:
  • Windows XP x86
  • Windows 7 x86_64
  • Windows 10 x86_64
If you encounter any problem, just let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Now just go, download Bokken and enjoy it in your favorite platform!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bokken 1.8

It has been just one month and we are back with a new release of Bokken, 1.8 is here! This release was meant to be a minor one, with just support for the latest radare2 version but... look at it by yourself:


Bye, bye, pyew

Bokken started as a UI for pyew and radare2, and we tried hard to maintain both backends in our development. Sadly, pyew moves very slowly and has a different set of skills than radare, so although it's a tough move, we decided to strip down all pyew functionality from Bokken altogether. Given that there's nothing else in the OSS world that fulfills this niche, we will be tied to r2 for a while.  Maybe it's for the best, as the deletion allowed us to clean a lot of old cruft and compatibility code that has been in Bokken for ages.

radare2 0.9.9

As always, if a new radare2 version is released then we update Bokken to work with it! Bokken 1.8 works perfectly with (and ONLY with) radare2 0.9.9.

Sections tab

In an effort to better organize the UI we have moved the Sections information to a new tab in the right panels. More work will be done for future releases to make it better.

Simplified file info tab

Most of the contents of the File Info tab were duplicated and, being honest, useless. So we have decided to remove most of the contents, leave only the useful ones and present them in a better way.

Removed string repr tab

Time has arrived to say goodbye to this useless tab. Farewell!

New relocs side panel

After moving the Sections panel to the right we decided to use the space for a new and very useful panel: Relocs!

New strings tab

The Strings tab has gone under a complete remake and now it looks better and is easier to use.

New radare2 console

If you look at the above picture, you may spot an area in the lower section of the UI.  Say goodbye to the Interactive tab and welcome the brand new radare2 console! Way easier to use that the previous one, you can find it as a new bottom panel that can be resized and hidden.

New Python console

There is more: Python! Either love it or hate it, but we finally added a Python console to Bokken! Located in the new bottom panel it exports Bokken and radare2 objects such as the radare2 RCore instance, RBin and most of the data gathered by Bokken.  Expect some tutorials as we polish that feature.

Download Bokken 1.8 today!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Welcome Bokken 1.7

Yes, we know, it has been a very long time since the last release and most of you thought that the project was dead. I am happy to be able to say that it was not dead, just taking a long nap. And now we are back and with a new Bokken release!

Bokken 1.7 is here and though it is not a major release it still has some nice new features and improvements; let's see them, shall we?

radare2 0.9.8

Bokken 1.7 has been updated to work with the latest radare2 stable release, (0.9.8) and it benefits from all the improvements and stabilization that is offered by that great software.

That was one of the most demanded features and we are happy to finally have Bokken running smoothly with the last radare2. We will do our best to keep supporting the latest releases!

Improved graphs

The graphs have been improved in both functionality and appearance. They now work better and look really nice! Did you notice the small graph preview on the lower right corner?

Word highlight

This new feature make it easy to follow the code by highlighting all the words like the one the cursor is placed on. Useful to, for example, find all the "call" in a function or follow that register that contains important data!

ARM support

Although Bokken can open and analyze any format supported by radare2, interactivity and syntax highlighting now also works with ARM binaries! We will keep adding more in future releases; any preference? Let us know!

Bindiff fixed and improved

Working better than ever and with more visual enhancements, Bokken's binary diffing is now way better!

More analysis options

This new release supports more binary analysis options offered by radare2, so in the initial dialog it is now possible to choose... well, better look at them by yourself! Can you spot the new ones? ;)


Tooltips everywhere! Place the mouse over an address, function or symbol and a tooltip will popup with a brief disassembly. But not just that, same functionality can be found in the functions list on the left panel, no need to move to a function to take a quick look.

Download and enjoy

Not bad for a minor release, right? Good, because that's not all, we still have one last thing:

A brand new project domain and website!

No screenshot this time! If you want to view it then go to the new website and further explore the new release. We hope that you decide to download and try it by yourself.

If you feel in the mood, go by the development site and give us feedback to further improve Bokken. And don't forget to follow the project in Twitter to get all the project news.

Happy reversing!