Monday, 3 December 2018

Development bi-week: First issue, GTK Accelerators not working.

Nothing particularly exciting to report.  Plenty of little things here and there, but I'm still hesitant to do major surgery.

  • Gtk.IHateGtkDebugging: I have been fighting for days to make the accelerators in the main menu work from the very first moment, but they only work after you use the main menu once (see issue #1).  People seem to use any combination of Gtk.AccelGroup, Gtk.Action, Gio.Action, Gtk.UIManager and Gtk.Builder to build their menus and I have been completely unable to get it working in GTK+3, albeit it worked in PyGtk.
  • New data types: I'm trying to add IPv6 as a valid data type and remove all the automatic gather/discover modules that run right after adding it.
I'm starting in a new job, so let's see if I'm able to spend some time in Inguma in the next weeks/months!